For gastro fans, the option of following recipes by some expert chefs or taking one of the virtual courses they offer on the web has become a very appetising way to learn and discover countless new culinary possibilities. This is our selection of gastronomic experiences with which we can improve our personal cooking skills without leaving our kitchen.

Virtual Cooking to Inspire  | Paper Massimo Dutti


It is an app for cooking spectacular recipes at home inspired by dishes with a minimal design. It aims to connect the community of foodie followers with the community of chefs and professionals in the world of gastronomy.

Plant Jammer

A vegetarian app for creating your own recipes based on what you feel like eating. Just mark the ingredients you have at home on the app and it will give you a custom-made recipe.

Cook with Jamie

A professional chef, he is an atypical chef who has tons of followers. He cooks without a uniform and his friends participate in his programmes. His website and video channel are treasure troves full of recipes for all tastes.

Love My Salad

It is a community for salad lovers. There are hundreds of recipes to make the freshest and most varied salads to share and discuss. There is even a ‘saladpedia’ to discover the properties of ingredients.

Kitchen Stories

A perfect app for beginner chefs and the winner of Apple’s Design Award , it has classic, quick, and elaborate recipes from around the world with step-by-step video tutorials that are updated each week.

Jasmin Rae Cakes

One of the most renowned cake chefs in the world gives us the chance to take a virtual course and learn some of the techniques that have made her the cake artist.

Being Biotiful

Being Biotiful is the healthy food planner Chloé Sucrée’s platform where she shares healthy, vegetable-based and seasonal recipes to inspire you to eat better every day.

Nigel Slater

Slater is a famous English journalist and chef, author of the book that was the inspiration for the film ‘Toast’, based on his own life. His recipes teach us how to create tasty and healthy dishes with creativity and natural ingredients.